Playoff game

My Second baseball game in Israel ever was a playoff game two weeks ago and the teams were the Bet shemesh Blue sox vs. Netanya Tigers in Gezer field. We got to the game at the end of the first inning (because my father got lost a little) and the score was already 1-1. It was my father, my grandfather, Leora, Rivka, Dafna (a second cousin of ours) and me. Netanya scored in the second but then in the bottom of the third Gregg Raymundo cranked his second homerun of the game to tie the score!

In the bottom of the fourth with Netanya leading 3-2, the Blue Sox had runners on second and third when Ben Pincus hit the ball over the fence in right field. There was some discussion though and the umpire ruled that it didn't go over the fence and gave him only a double. There was some discussion and one of the kids in the stands went to ask the rightfielder and he supposedly told him that the ball did go over the fence but he wasn't going to admit it to the umpire. So the Blue Sox led only 4-3. They scored two more runs in the fifth and won the game 6-3.

I really wanted to go to the championship game but instead we spent the day in the North and couldn't go to the game. The Blue Sox beat the Modiin Miracle 3-0 in that game.


BubbyT said...

Zvi: on my trip back to Baltimore, on the plane from Israel I was sitting right in front of a whole bunch of the baseball players from the Israel Baseball would have loved it...Love, Netani's Bubby

Rivka said...

i would have also loved it