Liberated Woman

Today I took a bus into Yerushalyim to pick up our car that was having work done on the alarms. I took a cab to the dealership, had a little trouble figuring out the alarm, and then was on my way. I was pretty impressed with myself that I remembered where to go (from way back in the Midreshet days). I drove to town, parked and had an enjoyable morning. I shopped a little(or a lot depending on how you look at it), bought an ice coffee, had lunch with my father-in-law who I bumped into on the street, and had an all around good morning.

On the way home I decided to turn on the radio and see what kind of music I'd find. Since the car was previously owned by an American I assumed the preprogrammed stations would be something I'd like. I was wrong there, but the coolest thing happened. I'm listening to the news in hebrew, not really understanding much, and then this hebrew song comes on and I KNEW THE WORDS. That was so neat. For all of you who enjoyed Israeli dancing at Bnei Torah this was Od Nagiah. Of course I had to share the news with someone. Luckily Nechama lives here in Israel and we are music buddies. I called her and we had a good laugh. - thanks Nechama!

P.S. Thanks for calling today Hindy. Sorry I was so out of it. I miss our Thursday phone calls!

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