Mussar Schmooze

Zvi, Yeshaya and I went to get much needed haircuts today. We went to a barber who is right across the street from my parents and he did a good job. He didn't have a yarmulke or anything but when we told him we were here for a year he proceeded to launch into a tirade of how there is no excuse to live in chutz l'aretz (chul). He pointed out that this is OUR land and we're all strangers in any other land. If everyone thinks its easier somewhere else and lives there then we'll lose this and we'll be persecuted again just like our grandparents. The only way to properly educate children is to send them to school in Eretz Yisrael. etc. etc. etc.

It's amazing how you can get mussar from anyone and anything in this country. Yesterday, I took a bus in Yerushalayim and in front of the first row of seats is a big sign - "mipnei seiva takum." It's great to see parts of pesukim used to teach mussar on public buses. Another beautiful thing about this country.

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