Zvi was the least enthused about coming to Israel for a year. I think we all had our fears and concerns about the trip but Zvi insisted that he really didn't want to join us. Part of the reason was that he was leaving the place where he was comfortable and going to a country where he couldn't even talk the language. Another thing that bothered him was that he was leaving baseball. He loves playing, talking and watching baseball.

At least the baseball concern has been alleviated. We found out that Little League starts here after Succos and we'll be sure to sign him up. I also pointed out to him that at home he goes to sleep before MLB games even start most of the time but here he'd wake up soon after the West Coast games were beginning and he could follow them live on Sure enough, he's been doing that almost every day anxiously waiting for Bonds to break the homerun record. He even watched a couple atbats live and he saw the record breaker just a few minutes after it happened.

The real baseball highlight so far though has been last night when his uncle and his grandfather took him, Rivka and some cousins to an IBL game. I didn't go to the game because of work but it sounds like it's similar to a single A game in the States. Not many seats, lots of other entertainment and close interaction with the players. He had a great time. My brother-in-law and father told me that most people were walking around, talking or other stuff but he just remained glued to the game. His eyes didn't leave the field once. His cousin even got him a ball so he has a souvenir.

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zacharya wants to say thank you for the phone call zvi - it was really great seeing your phone number on our caller id. we miss you!
the volosov's