Bezeq, Chinese People and More

What a day yesterday. All I can say is thank G-d that we have fluent hebrew speakers around. Let's start with the Bezeq story. My father-in-law arrange a few weeks ago to have Bezeq come to our house to install a phone line and DSL line. Simple enough. I was told to wait for them from 11-2. Our house had no furniture or working a/c yet, so I left a note on the door asking the Bezeq worker to call me when he arrives at the house (we asked permission for that). At around 12:30 I was getting nervous that maybe this wasn't such a great idea. I called Bezeq and they said that the order was only for a phone and that it was hooked up yesterday???????? Then I called back and they said that the yes the order was for phone and dsl but they came to the house and we missed them????? I was getting really upset and not five minutes later I get a call from a man, the Bezeq worker, that he is on his way to my house????? Can they not get their story straight. I'm happy to report, that we supposedly have a working phone and dsl line.

Another experience yesterday I had was with the Chinese workers. I went with Sivan, our babysitter/tutor to check out the size of beds in storage so that I could order mattresses. She looked at our stuff and said there is no way that we could move it ourselves. She said that we need to get some Chinese workers. What, Chinese workers???? Well, it seems that it is quite like the Mexicans in California (only the countries are not quite as close). Basically, the Chinese workers sit outside city hall and wait for people to come and hire them. We got two Chinese men who we paid peanuts to to shlep our stuff. They were great. Thanks Sivan!!!

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