You may be wondering what Connex is but you'd only have to read the Modiin email list to hear all about it. I'll fill you in though. Basically for the past while there has been a bus company, Margalit, running in Modiin. People hated it thus a switch to Connex. Yesterday was Connex's first day and they failed miserably to make the people of Modiin happy. So they decided that today they would let you ride their buses for free as a kind of "I'm sorry" message. On the spur of the moment I decided to take the bus with my kids to J"M for an adventure. Why not it was free. We drove our car to the bus stop, hopped on the bus (that was a little late) and set out for J"M. When we got there we first located our bus stop for the return home and then set out to find something for dinner. We didn't have to go far, just inside the tachana mercazit, and had kid friendly food. The kids were so good I let them then go to the candy store for a treat. We made our way to the bus stop, got on the bus and arrived back in Modiin in time for a quick swim. Zvi commented that it was his best day so far. I am a cool mother!


SaraK said...

I am so jealous that you can just hop on a bus to Jerusalem!
Shabbat Shalom

hillel said...

This post is probably more appropriate for David's haircut/mussar shmooz posting, but ...

The great mussar from even seemingly simple Jews who are moser nefesh to live in E"Y! There are at least 96 times mentioned in Sefer Devorim that Hashem has or will give E”Y to us (at least 171 in all 5 chumashim). You guys have the zchus to be living where mitzvos are real (see Rashi in Ekev on the Posuk in V'Haya im Shomoa "v'samtem es dvorai ..."). Sigh. Good Shabbos/Voch!