School Supplies

I haven't blogged in a couple of days because I've been busy with this and that. Yesterday we went to J"M in the morning and picked up Rivka who slept over at Lev Yerushalyim with the Adlers. We parked illegally and did not get ticketed despite the many cops around us. I then ran with the girls to Geula to buy shabbos shoes while David and the boys went to buy some items for shabbos (Challah etc.). We then met up and drove to Ramot to have brunch at the Peerless's. We had a yummy brunch with eggs made to order. We then went to visit Jeff and Mindy Callen (our cousin's) who live close by. The kids enjoyed their ice cream dessert. They helped make their visit memorable by breaking a glass table top.

When we returned to Modiin, a girl who will be in Leora's gan came over with her mother and younger brother. Our kids welcomed them by fighting with each other, calling each other names and messing up the game that the girl was winning. There's nothing like making a good first impression.

Rivka also invited a friend, Liat over. They will be in the same class. At around 7pm we (me, Rivka, and Savta) drove Liat home and picked up school supplies. Savta paid for the kids school supplies and we are very appreciative. We then crossed the main street and entered Kiryat Sefer where we proceeded so spend more money. I paid for two more mattresses that we ordered, bought some more household items (including the platter we shattered in the store), bought some food for shabbos and picked up our mattresses that had arrived from a previous order. We then went to purchase the books for school. Again I handed over the money 1200 NIS just for books. No wonder school is practically free - you have to pay for everything else. But I shouldn't complain, it is still cheaper than Baltimore. We did not return home until close to 11pm and we were wiped. Rivka literally crawled into bed and I wasn't too far behind.

Wishing everyone who reads our blog a shabbat shalom.


Diana said...

Have you ever been bumper bowling? It sounds like your family (and me) need protective balloons around them at all times!

Have a great Shabbo

tznius-lady said...

I just posted Girls’ Shabbos Shoes on my Metzias blog, for $9.99 please see the post and help people save money for Yom Tov.