gym membership

Ahhhhh, I finally joined a gym. I did not realize how much I really needed it. I went today to find out the different prices as they do not do that over the phone. I had an hour long meeting with Shira at Holme's Place. Basically in the end I signed up for a morning membership which allows me to enter the facility from 6 am-4 pm everyday but Friday (and Saturday - how sad). I did not come prepared with my gym clothes so I quickly returned home, changed and headed back to the gym. I enjoyed my treadmill workout with Dr. Phil. The difficult part was figuring out how fast to go because the machines are in KM not M. I then moved onto the weights where I encountered a similar problem with KG and LBS. I managed though and left the gym feeling better than I have in several weeks. The hard part is getting back into a good eating regiment, but that too will come - yeah wishful thinking.
P.S. Thank you Aviva Spotts and Risa Lasson for reading our blog.

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What? Nothing going on in Heather Ridge? I can't believe they have time to read this?