Finally made it to the Kotel

Six years ago we came to Israel for 10 days and went to the kotel at least 5 times in that short stay. We've been here two weeks already and we just finally made our first trip to the kotel of the year. It's just been so hectic trying to get everything in order that we haven't had time. This morning we left early, went to the water place in Modiin to get it changed to our name (we were unsuccessful) and then went to Yerushalayim. My father came with us and Shira dropped us off near the kotel and then drove to park.

As we were leaving the Old City we saw lots of policemen and ambulances and tons of traffic. We had no idea what had happened but we were just happy that we missed all that traffic. Little did we know that it was a terrorist attack just minutes from where we were. We then went into Geula to get some baked goods for Shabbos at my sister's and so the kids could get lunch. We made a quick stop at the shuk and Shira ran in to get more baked goods at Marzipan. Apparently that's the best bakery. Then we went to my sister's house to say goodbye since she's leaving back to LA on Sunday. Now we're home getting ready for Shabbos to spend with my other sister in Chashmonayim.

A nice quiet pleasurable day without too many headaches. Aaaah the beauty of being in Israel.

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