The Gym

I got an early start today as I wanted to make it to the "mini class" for stomachs. The brochure describes it as a 20-30 minute class focusing on the stomach. I got there five minutes late and they were already in full swing. I quickly got my mat, found a place on the floor and joined in the fun. The instructor was a killer but it was great. He kept telling us to remember to breathe. I'm trying really hard to concentrate on breathing while completing these excruciating exercises. Suddenly my OT ears perk up. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Someone with a tracheotomy was doing this class. I kept hearing the high pitched breathing that you hear when someone is blowing air through their tracheotomy. I was trying inconspicuously to locate this brave person. I looked to my right, to my left and ahead of me and I couldn't find the person. After about 5 minutes I turned around and located the person. The breathing noise was coming from the rowing machine behind me not from someone with a tracheotomy. Duh, it's a gym not a nursing home.

On a side note, the first day I was really happy because Dr. Phil was on TV. Something familiar. But after returning the next day the happiness wore off a little when the same Dr. Phil rerun was on. I shouldn't complain though, because at least it was in English.

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Sarah Cook said...

Hi Shira! Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog! Have a great year in Israel!
Sarah (Topper) Cook