Balagan and more

Today we spent the day with Danny, Talya and Ayala. We drove into Zichron Yaakov using our Cypress car on highway 6 (we don't have to pay tolls). We met Danny (we were a little late) and followed him to the amusement park type place called Balagan (only in Israel!!). There was something for everyone there. The kids really had a great time,

except Zvi who did a great job at complaining how boring it was.
Yeshaya is already becoming Israeli. He just wonders off with no care in the world and find things to do. He would go from station to station calling out an occasional name, "Leora" or "Mommy" and if he didn't see one of us he'd move on.
We spent over 5 hours there which is the most time we have ever spent anywhere except for Dutch Wonderland (we miss you Volosov's).
On our way home, minus Rivka and Leora who slept at Danny's, a car was honking at us and motioning us. I was a little nervous that he'd pull a gun out and shoot us but it turned out he was a good guy. David pulled over and checked the doors??? not sure what he was thinking and they all were closed - big surprise. He then drives off and the car is making noise. I tell him to pull over and hop out of the car. Right away I notice we have a flat tire - doesn't take a rocket scientist to notice but I guess you have to look at the tires to notice that it is flat, not the doors. (Sorry David for my sarcasm, at least I didn't make you feel bad right when it happened). I called our AAA like place and they asked all sorts of irrelevant questions and were taking forever to get to our problem. Our biggest issue, besides the flat was that we didn't know where we were on the highway. I decided to flag down another motorist to find out. A nice family pulled over and he was able to tell us what our closest exit was but he also informed us that there is road side assistance on highway 6. He gave me the number, I called, and the nice guy on the phone told me that the service was free of charge. Meanwhile, our insurance AAA place was telling us how much it would cost us to come out to highway 6 plus change our tire, since this was not part of our plan (not sure what is part of it, but whatever). We told them we didn't need their help. True to the highway 6 guys words, our savior arrived within 30 minutes, change our tire (manually) and we were on our way. He didn't accept our tip. We made it home, thank G-d, and I still had a bit of energy left to wash my floors. They should stay clean for about 10 seconds.


Anonymous said...

we can't wait to go again with you next august!
the volosovs

Anonymous said...

Zvi, you sure had me fooled. That smile on your face made me think you were enjoying it!