Full House

Shira's shirking her responsibilities so I'll have to catch everyone up on our last couple of days. We basically did nothing on Thursday and Friday. Thursday morning I took the kids bowling while Shira went grocery shopping with Yeshaya. Then Friday I took the kids to Bubbie's to hang out while Shira cleaned the house for Shabbos. After having a cleaning lady for the last couple of weeks we decided we'd take a week off to save a little bit of money. Shira cleans much better than they do in half the time but it's a lot easier when they come.

We had lots of excitement on Shabbos. My parents, my grandmother and her helper, two of Amy's daughters and two of Ethel's kids were here for the entire Shabbos. Packed house! We had enough beds and mattresses and more than enough food. This was our first time eating at home for Shabbos lunch in a very long time (we'd eaten out our first five weeks here and our last few weeks in Baltimore). It's always nice to be home to eat Shira's Shabbos cooking and she didn't let us down. Then Shabbos afternoon the Baks came over to visit a little. It's great having people pop in on the long afternoons (last week JJ came over).

The tough part was getting the kids to bed at a reasonable hour since they start school tomorrow. We had no chance until after havdala but they all seemed tired enough that they didn't really fight us going to bed right after havdala even though some cousins were still here. Hopefully tomorrow will go well for all the kids despite the fact that they won't really understand anything their teachers say. Good luck kids!


Anonymous said...

you forgot to mention the amazing couscous that your sister sent. and yair's six-year-old birthday cake.

thanks for having them. they had a great time, even if zvi "lo mityahes le-yair."

David said...

Yes, thanks for the food you sent. You forgot to mention all the candy. The couscous was a big hit especially with the chicken soup.

Zvi confirmed for me that once he knows Hebrew he will play with Yair much more.

Shira said...

Well theres also a movie called full house.