One great thing about being in Israel is that we have so much family that is here. On Friday we went to Zichron to a park for a pizza picnic with all four of my sisters (the two who live in the States are here now) and their families. My parents, grandmother and some cousins were there also. We drove Shira's youngest brother up to Zichron (he's in Yeshiva in Yerushalayim) and spent a couple hours at her brother's house there. Then we went to the Kinar hotel on the Kineret for Shabbos. My oldest sister wasn't there since she and her family left for Switzerland at 5 AM on Sunday. She sent two of her kids though for Shabbos so they could be with the family. The rest of my sisters and their families were there and 5 of my cousins with their families were also there. We had a great relaxing Shabbos and we just forgot about everything we had to do.

The only bad thing was that we didn't have any time to do anything in the north. We drove back to Chashmonayim right after Shabbos so we could spend all day yesterday doing things with the car and the house. Rivka has been spending lots of time with various cousins. She wrote about her trip to Mizpe Rimon with Shayna and Amy's families and then she spent Sunday in the north with Aliza's family. Zvi has no boy cousins his age so it's been a little harder for him. He's been a good sport about it and is excited about going to see the Modiin Miracle play tomorrow night with his uncle.