Malcha Mall

Today we went to the mall in J"M and spent a few hours there with our nieces Talya and Ayala. Our plan initially was to go on these inflatable indoor rides, but of course they were no longer there. Instead we headed to the food court, since food is always the solution if you have nothing else to do. We ordered fleishig (Mehadrin) because we are all pizza'ed out. We had an enjoyable meal. Afterwards, Zvi, Rivka and Talya went on a scavenger hunt to get signatures for the clues I made for them. They were a little shy to approach people so they only managed to get 2 out of 10. David, Leora, Yeshaya and Ayala hung out at some climbing mats outside of Toys R Us while I bought some candy and a BLUE Dora packback for Yeshaya (I've been looking for one for a long time). We met Danny (who came in to Tel Aviv for a course) at our house and I drove him and the girls to the train station at the airport.
Later on I took the kids to the fruit store but ran into my in-laws who were headed to J"M. We gave them a lift to the bus stop outside of Modiin, did a quick shopping, stopped in for a minute at Bubbie's, came home, ate, showered and went to bed early (well not me, but the kids). That's all since I have a huge migrane.
P.S. Happy Belated birthday Nechama. At least I did get my birthday message to you before midnight (although I could swear it was closer to 10).

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