Our first shabbos in Modiin

We had a really nice first shabbos in Modiin. We were really looking forward to spending shabbos in our house finally. I made a soup and chicken and potato borekas, my sister-in-law Amy gave us meatballs and roast and my father-in-law bought us a potato kugel. This was all for Friday night. Rikva went away for shabbos. She's at that age where she'd rather be anywhere but with her family. We thought it would only the remaining five of us. We were wrong. David's nephew Yehoshua, asked if he could join us for shabbos as his family was going to Ashkelon and he didn't want to join them. No problem. David called our hostess for lunch and they didn't mind. Then Friday we get a call from Eli, my brother, asking if he could come. No problem. I call our lunch host again and she graciously agrees to allow another guests to come. What is one more when you are having more than 20 people. I then felt bad for Zvi that Rivka was away so I let him have a new friend sleep over. So not only was it not just the five remaining Greenstones, we had 3 more people too!!! It really worked out well and we had plenty of food.

Shabbos morning David went to the hashkamah minyan. He was home really early and looked a little hot. It turns out that the minyan was outside someones house. Pretty weird. I then convinced him to come to the main shul here so that he could meet people. It was amazing how many people we knew. David couldn't get over that there were people there that were even newer than us. (We saw the Rosenbaum's who just made aliyah from Baltimore this past week).

We ate at JJ and Aliza Sussman's and enjoyed the company of their other guests. It was like a mini Midreshet reunion as there were four of us (Midreshet alumni) there. Leora ended up wanting to stay and play so lazy me stayed with her.

All in all we had a very nice shabbos and look forward to many more.


shira said...

I hadn't seen David's post before I published mine.

shtumpik said...

David must have been wearing one of those $1500 suits when he came home looking "hot". Sorry,I couldn't resist. J