Another Shabbos

We spent another enjoyable shabbos with Shayna's family in Chashmonaim. This time we had the pleasure of Brad being there. Brad's cousin Jonah was also there. The kids all got along really well and I was able to bribe Rivka and Zvi to run a "camp" for the younger kids in the morning so that I could relax. I offered them a shekel but their response was "that's like $.25" so I had to up it to 4 shekels an hour - they're getting too smart for me.

Friday night I went to shul with all four kids and Shoshana. My friend Adina Bloomberg, who I have not seen in years, now lives in Chashmonaim. She emailed (facebooked) me that she would be in shul so we went to see her. It turns out that she also lived in Memphis for a year and was my nephew Akiva's teacher. Everyone was excited to see her. Adina also came over shabbat afternoon and we enjoyed her company.

Motzei Shabbos we came home to Modiin and put the kids to bed. David then picked up my brother Eli from David's sister's, Amy's and he came with me to Shayna's to take apart an aron that Shayna gave to us to use. (Thank you Eli!)

It's pretty neat that there are so many connections between my family and David's.
Tomorrow Leora and my nephew Ezra will be going on a train ride with Savta. They are sure to have a great time.

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