Meeting for Rivka and Zvi's school

Tonight I went to a meeting for Rivka and Zvi's school. I went thinking that it would be a chance to meet some of the administration, some parents and get some information about the school. Boy was I wrong. Basically, from what I understood or had interpreted to me, the city of Modiin has denied the school classrooms. What does that mean for my kids. Well thankfully nothing right now. According to the administration the school currently has enough room for kitah aleph boys and girls, kitah bet boys and girls and all the other girl grades. BUT, what does this mean for me and David as parents sending to Laman Achai. It means a lot. The school has asked us to participate in a hafganah (rally) outside city hall. The will be a rotation of parents for five days and the boys in kitah gimel and up will be having their classroom sessions there. The issue is very politically and religiously based but we were asked not to make an issue of this. Our posters should be tame they requested. I was thinking of writing my slogan as "take me back to Baltimore" but I thought that my kids may get the wrong message from that. It was funny the two people sitting next to me both made the same comment to me "welcome to Israel". I just was happy that I had some more blogging material.

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