Thank you

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of family and friends in North America for their patience while we get our lives in order. I have not been good about phoning people or emailing but I want you all to know that we think of you all and miss everyone. Hopefully in the next few days or weeks we will start to feel more settled and will have more time to sit and chat. Meanwhile, you can follow our journey through this blog and you can even leave comments if you'd like.
As for today, nothing really new to report. The kids were all occupied doing various things while I stayed and cleaned the house for hours. I even had my first repair guy out to fix our "new" washing machine before we even had a chance to use it. He was really nice and pleasant to deal with.
The one thing that I have not been able to do, and it is killing me, is exercise. I was almost ready to ditch cleaning for a workout but thought that my family wouldn't appreciate it. Not only have I not been working out, I have also been enjoying the wonderful food of Israel. I just keep telling myself, this is vacation. In two weeks the diet and exercise begins with a vengeance.


SaraK said...

Hi, Shira! Don't beat yourself up about the lack or workouts and the food. I heard that moving is something like the #1 stressor in a person's life.

Anonymous said...


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