Yom Kippur

This Yom Kippur went really well and really fast (no pun intended). Since we changed the clocks, the fast was over by 6:14 pm. David went to a vas(t)kin minyan that started at 4:45 am and was home by 9:30. Tikki and I then went to shul and stayed until after kiddusha of musaf. It was a very nice experience. The Ba'al Tefilah was a former member of Bitachon and had a beautiful voice. The weather was very nice, with a pleasant breeze (although hotter on our walk back). I spent most of the day lounging around and borrowed the book Small Miracles from my neighbor. Those kind of stories always make me cry and I thought it was "kosher" reading from Yom Kippur. Later in the day Tikki, Elana, me, Yeshaya and Zvi went for a walk while David, Avi, Rikva and Leora were at shul. We went to the "tashlich" spot where everyone said you could see the sea. We noticed something that we thought could be the sea, but we weren't sure. We then went walking through an apartment complex. There were so many ramps and stairs that took you to different places. It was neat ... the kids certainly enjoyed themselves. On our way home a chiloni (not religous) couple with a child approached us and asked us where there was a shul. They wanted to be there to hear the tekiyah at the end of davening. I spoke in hebrew and was able to answer all of their questions. It was really touching to me that they wanted to go to shul, especially when I have seen the lack of interest by non religious people so many other times. Thank G-d Yom Kippur is over. We had our breakfast on yummy bagels from Holy Bagel and pizza (for the kids). The house is somewhat clean again and I will probably head to bed soon so that I can have energy in the morning to fight with the kids about going to school. I can't wait!!!

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