Rivka came home from school yesterday and told us that she got a 98 on her second straight chumash test. She also said that she davened out loud for the first time in class. Coincidently, Zvi also davened out loud for the first time. He also said something in Hebrew in class for the first time - he asked to go to the bathroom. Leora continues to learn more Hebrew and uses more and more Hebrew words (90% of which are words she makes up). Yeshaya went the entire day without making in his pants for the first time in his life. Looks like he's getting ready for his second birthday on Sunday.

After school Shira took them all to see Saba, Savta and Bubbie and they each got a little present from them. They all had a great time there. Then, this morning they went to school/gan without any complaints (besides a little kvetching from Leora). That's because we promised them that we're picking them up early to go to the airport to get Bubbie who is flying in from Toronto today. They're all very excited about that and they can't wait for their Uncle Avi, Aunt Tikki and Elana to come from Baltimore late tomorrow night. Yay!


BubbyT said...

sounds like they are adjusting. Yesterday I drove the bubby car pool from Rambam and Netani said "remember Bubby, when I was in ECC and you used to drive me and Tzvi all the time." Sounds like he misses him!! regards to Carole and have a great time with all the Sukkos company!! Tell Rivka I miss seeing her on the 2nd floor at BY.

Nechama Reizl Topper said...

Your adjustment sounds phenominally successful. We wish you a gmar chasima tova; send love to the Spodek clan; special regards to Carol who we love a ton. May be year continue to be a bright one for you all.
Nechama Reizl and Richard