School on Sunday

We had a great Shabbos. The kids really enjoyed playing with all the different neighbors and seemed to genuinely have a nice time. Shira's brother, Eli was here for Shabbos and also her friend Adina from Chashmonaim. The kids had a great time with them (as did we) and we had two families with kids for lunch, including one kid who goes to gan with Leora. A boy from Zvi's class ate lunch at a neighbor and the Boutel girls down the block adore Rivka and constantly come over to play with her.

We managed to get them to sleep at their normal bedtime last night (well actually I just got them into pajamas and Shira got them to bed while I was at shul) but we still had trouble this morning. It's not easy getting them to bed at their normal bedtime when it's Shabbos still but we managed. The good news is that we change the clocks next week and then Shabbos will be over before their bedtimes and we won't have that issue anymore.

I wish I could say the only reason Zvi and Leora didn't want to go to school was because it was Sunday but we've had the same thing every other day of the week also. They'll get used to it soon but until then the mornings will continue to be filled with excitement.

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shtumpik said...

Guess what Zvi - TA has school on Sundays too starting in second grade. But it is only until noon. Josh