Shana Tova

I haven't been allowed to blog in the last couple of days. Only bloggies or statistic obsessed people would understand why(Greg and Aryeh :) ). You see, David has been tracking the flow of hits to our blog (don't worry we can't see who you are, just how many hits we get and what city etc.). Apparently he linked to a very popular blog, instapundit, who in turn linked to ours. Let me tell you, I have never in my life seen David so excited before. He was practically jumping up and down with happiness. The traffic to our blog was exploding. Hit after hit, our numbers were going up. 1300, 1400 (but truthfully I have no idea how many hits we got but I'm sure David does). For fear of affecting our flow, David asked me not to post anything new. I figured though that being Rosh Hashana today, I can post a shana tova message.

We wanted to wish you all a shana tova. A happy and healthy new year.

Also, happy birthday to Daniella Shields who is turning five.


SaraK said...

Shana Tova!

Anonymous said...

i'm so very very jealous of that instalaunch...i share david's excitement. 1500 hits!!! And that's with me not even reading as i should be.

Elayne said...

Now you know how I spend my time - I keep clicking to your blog. What a mother won't do to make her children happy! I love you.

Abba says that David reminds him of himself when he was younger in keeping score of number of hits to his b-log - hamevin yavin.