Stinky Israeli Floors

I cannot stand Israeli floors, or at least the floor in my house. The tiles are light beige and they are impossible to keep clean. I have definitely become a sponga pro. I have a real system to cleaning my floor which I'm constantly washing. I should really take a picture of it after shabbos to post here. I am told that all floors are like mine but yet I have never walked into anyone else's house and been disgusted with the state of their floors. In our house if you spill something, splash a few drops of water etc. forget it ... in a few seconds the clear spot will become gray. All of our neighbors opted for a darker tile which really makes a big difference. Anyway, enough kvetching.

Today I got together with Nechama in Tel Aviv. I picked her up from work and drove to the restaurant. I had such a yummie dish (grilled veggies over pasta) and of course an ice coffee (light). It was very enjoyable meal, besides the smelly old Israeli men sitting at the table next to us.

Rivka, Zvi and Leora had very positive experiences at school today. Rivka did very well on a chumash test (refer to her blog). Zvi made a new friend and Leora picked up some more hebrew. And let's not forget about cutie Yeshaya. He is just something. His english vocabulary is picking up tremendously (and he is even picking up some hebrew too). He is just a little parrot. To top it all off, today we have started toilet training him since he has shown interest. He is now asking to sit on the toilet and has been very successful (I'm sure that the candy bribe has something to do with it).

I just wanted to wish a happy birthday to Eli G. whose birthday is today. I am proud of myself that I remembered after all these years. (you reading this Eli?)

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