Yesterday was my first day of school. My teacher and class are really nice. Now I am going to say what we did the whole day.
  • Davened
  • my teacher told us a story
  • we went on a little scavenger hunt
  • we had aruchat eser
  • we made a cover for our notebook
  • we wrote stuff in our notebook
  • we had recess
  • the teacher explained homework
  • then it was time to go home and it was only 12:00 (on Wednesday we start staying until 4)
Doesn't it sound like a fun day ( to tell you the truth it was a really fun day but it was very hard)!


BubbyT said...

wow...getting out at 12..that's awesome...what did you look for on your scavenger hunt? well, we start tomorrow IY"H...Morah/BubbyT

Rivka said...

we looked for chocolate
I forgot to right there was a little blackout and it happens all the time

Zvi said...

I also stared school the same day as you!