Gan "O"

Leora goes to Gan Shalhevet. It's a gan chova which is for the year before first grade but in the same building as her is another gan and there are two more right next door. I'm not sure what each one is for but I think one is for those who go half day and another one or two are for kids a year younger. Anyway, we were talking about all the gans there and Leora said that the gan next door to hers was Gan O. I said, "O? You sure?" She said "Yeah, it's the letter after E." Now we were really confused, I asked if maybe she meant the letter after N. She said, "No, L, E, O, R, A. The letter after E." Ok, so now we understood that part but there was no way this gan was called Gan O. She said that her friend told her it was Gan O. Finally we figured it out it's Gan Or but with the Israeli accent it sounds like O.

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