Aruchat Eser

Meals in school work a little differently in Israel than in the US. Rivka and Zvi get a hot lunch in school so we were very excited that we wouldn't have to make lunches for the kids this year. The first few days they get out at noon so we figured there would be no hot lunch but they'd just eat when they got home. We sent them with a snack and water and they were happy with it. We insisted that they eat a big breakfast and they agreed.

Then Zvi was sitting in school and all of a sudden everyone pulls out a sandwich at 9:30 in the morning. He couldn't understand what was happening. It didn't bother him too much since he wasn't hungry at all but he found the whole thing odd. One of Rivka's friends gave her some food so she wouldn't feel left out and they both survived without a sandwich. Luckily we knew to send Leora with lunch (we actually didn't realize that she'd be getting a hot lunch at gan so we sent what we thought was her lunch but it was really aruchat eser). Now, we send everyone with the sandwich, snack and drink each day but we have a hard time convincing them to eat breakfast. They argue that there is no point if they're going to eat soon after they get to school. Hard to argue with the logic.

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