The Debate - Fridge or Freezer

We are planning on having a lot of company over the chagim (Yom Tovim for those in the US/Canada) and definitely do not have enough space in our current fridge. Initially we thought to buy an extra fridge because then we'd have more freezer space too. But when we thought about it we realized that drinks take up a good chunk of space and if we just put the drinks in the freezer before the meal, we'll have plenty of room. Our decision was made we were going to buy an extra freezer. This however is not that simple. It should be, but it's not. Let me back track a minute and tell you a quick story that happened with a fridge we were going to buy. Since the fridge was located in Tel Aviv, Nechama ever so graciously went over to the sellers house to check it out. She gave a good report and we were ready to go. A couple days before the the pick-up date, the seller sends me an email that he is no longer selling it. I'm upset but what can I do. Now we're back to the part where we decided we need a freezer instead. I was a referred to this wonderful second hand website that sells second hand items in Israel. I was very proud of myself that I was able to navigate it despite the website being completely in Hebrew. I found a freezer in our price range and made the arrangements to pick it up today. What do you know, this seller backed out too claiming she decided not to sell it after all. Why the heck did she post it then. I was really upset now (steam coming out of my ears upset) and made it my mission to find and buy a freezer today and guess what, I did!! The sellers turned out to be really sweet people in Petach Tikvah and we did not feel comfortable bargaining them down on the price, so we paid them their asking price. We felt it was fair. We are now the proud owners of a new (used) freezer and we have room for all of our food.

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