The shvigger has arrived

Our guests are starting to trickle into our house for yom tov. Shira's mother came on Wednesday afternoon and all the kids got out of school early so they could go get her from the airport. She had gifts for them all which they are really enjoying. Yesterday, Shira spent the day with her and Yeshaya in Yerushalayim. In the evening Shira went with her and Chanina R to Kiryat Sefer to buy some stuff for Sukkos. Then late last night Avi came with Tikki and Elana. My kids are trying their best to get them adjusted to the new time zone by making lots of noise in the morning. They also had gifts for the kids. Leora and Yeshaya also got gifts from us for their birthdays (Yeshaya's is Sunday and Leora's is a month from today). Leora got a bike with training wheels and Yeshaya got a new tricycle.

In Israel, everyone is busy preparing for Yom Kippur. The sad thing to me is that the non-religious get ready by making sure their bicycles are in good shape for the big bike ride tomorrow. A custom has developed in this country that while the religious are at shul and the stores are all closed they go for a bike ride. There are basically no cars on any street so they bikers get the entire street.

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BubbyT said...

regards to the shvigger and Avi and Tikki and have a gmar chatima tova from all of us here!!