In Baltimore laundry was my job in the house. It wasn't a big deal ... at some point in the morning I put the clothes in the washing machine, switch the loads a couple hours later and then fold it while the kids were getting ready for bed. I got a lot of credit for doing this chore but I really didn't mind it and didn't take up too much of my time.

Before we moved we found a lady who was moving back to the States and who was selling a lot of her junk including her old washer and dryer. We bought a bunch of stuff from her and paid quite a bit to have them shipped from Zichron Yaakov. When we got the washing machine it was broken and we had to pay a couple hundred shekel to get it fixed. After it was working Shira did the laundry for a while. I'm not good with new things and it was hard with my work schedule.

Now with the kids in school, I have more free time so I decided that I'd try to figure out why Shira was complaining so much about doing the laundry. Now I can't understand why she was complaining so little. What a pain! The washing machine takes over an hour to wash the clothes and doesn't get the stuff very clean and the stuff comes out soaking. Not just wet but dripping wet. Then the dryer takes forever. For some mysterious reason, the dryer shuts off every five minutes for about five minutes. It takes about 3 hours for the stuff to be completely dry in the dryer. So we try hanging it outside first and then putting it in the dryer. I'm not sure if it's worth the effort. We're getting used to it and soon it will become part of our routine but for now it's one more thing to which we're trying to adjust.


BubbyT said...

David: if you do laundry under these circumstance then you really do deserve credit!! I always heard how "Shira's husband does laundry" (but do you bake cheese cake?)

David said...

No cheesecake. I bake chocolate chip cookies and make the cholent ... and make the kids lunches. Shira does everything else in the kitchen. I'm pretty useless there.

Anonymous said...

Since living in Israel I got used to the washing machine taking two hours and found an advantage to it. On a recent visit to the States when I helped with the laundry I was exhausted, it seemed I no sooner put the wash in and it was finished and had to be moved to the dryer and without a chance to sit and relax the clothes were dry and had to be folded. I couldn't wait to return to Israel where I had a two hour rest after putting the clothes in the washing machine.

Faster than using the dryer I found hanging clothes on a line outside dries the clothes faster and saves money on electricity. Of course on rainy days I bless my dryer.

If your clothes are dripping wet after the washing machine either you have it on the wrong setting or the machine is not working properly.

David said...

I think that putting the clothes on the line might be slightly faster BUT it takes much more of my time so it's not worth it to me. I haven't yet gotten an electric bill but maybe when I get one I'll change my mind.

Our washing machine definitely isn't working right. It's old.

shtumpik said...

David - When I was staying at my parents house in IL the dryer stopped and started similar (not the same though) as you describe. Here is what I figured out. In an American Dryer the moisture vents to the outside of the house. On this dryer the moisture vented into a container inside the machine. So that container needed to be emptied once it filled-up with water. Once I figured it out, it ran without stopping. It still took too long, but it didn't stop until I told it to. Josh

David said...

Ours goes outside :-( We'll just have to suffer.