Great morning for the big kids

Rivka and Zvi both got ready this morning with no problems at all. They played games together and helped pack up their aruchat eser. We were outside around 7:30 all ready to go and they got on the bus at 7:55 with no trouble at all. Yesterday Rivka's teacher sent home a note telling us what a sweet girl Rivka is and how well she keeps up especially considering that she doesn't talk the language. It's really amazing!

Unfortunately it wasn't a great morning for Leora. She refused to go to Gan today which is pretty much par for the course but when we got there she was clinging and crying more than usual. The ganenet told me that yesterday wasn't a very good day for her. Leora absolutely refused to go so finally I took her home so she could spend the day in her room. Shira spoke to her and she agreed to go today for the afternoon and tomorrow for the morning. She ended up asking to go at around 10:30 and didn't complain at all when she was brought there. We'll see how it works.

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