A good morning

The best school morning of the year so far. We can still do better but this was definite progress. Rivka has always been excellent in the morning and today was no exception. She watched Yeshaya a bit and helped get herself and the others ready. Zvi went to school without complaining although he did hint that he'll only do this until the chagim and after that he wants a change. He seems to think that the Hebrew will be easier if he's at a different school. I think it's just a case of the grass is always greener on the other side but we'll continue to monitor his progress at Lamaan Achai and see how it goes. I walked Leora to her gan with Yeshaya and she struggled a little bit on the walk. We got to gan and she tried to cling to me but the teacher gave her a picture and suggested that I go with her to sit with crayons to color. She looked very sad but didn't cry or scream. First time, that either of us have left her at gan that she wasn't screaming. This is real progress. The shekel and popsicle that she was promised if she doesn't cry certainly didn't hurt.

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