The Laundry Saga Continues

Today David was in a panic. Our very NOISY and temperamental washing machine stopped spinning. He took it apart and looked at it from every possible angle but was not able to find the problem. We decided that since we have had nothing but bad luck with the machine, we would not pour more money into it. I went on line to the yad shniyah website and found someone who was selling their washing machine for 100 NIS. We figured that for that price, we'd be willing to take the chance. The owner, Eli, was in Ramat Gan which is about a 30 minute drive from Modiin. We set out with our handy GPS in the hopes of buying the washing machine. We arrived at our destination, checked out the machine, and approved. Eli and David carried the HEAVY machine down a flight of stairs and loaded it into our van. When it came time to pay him, he would not accept our money. He said that he'd like the mitzvah. We told him that we'd give the money to tzedakah instead. He seemed happy by that. When we got home, David and our neighbor, Avraham, carried the washing machine upstairs. We hooked it up, with some difficulty, and tested it out. It's working but the best part is the SILENCE.


Anonymous said...

how is the dryer holding up?

David said...

The dryer actually broke about a month ago but we had the repair guy out here and it was a broken belt which he fixed and now it's as good as new. So now we have a good washing machine and a good dryer. Thanks!