Chanuka tournament

Friday was the Chanuka tournament (the first game of the season). At first we thought the game might be canceled because it rained a lot on Thursday night but the field was pretty dry and we were able to play. It was pretty cold but I was just happy that we were finally able to play a real game. Abba and I got to the field then we warmed up a little. Modiin was divided into two teams.

Game #1: We played against Yerushalayim. In the top of the first inning Yerushalayim scored five runs. Then we scored three runs. Then they scored one run and we didn't score any in the second inning. They didn't score any in the third and we scored 9! The game ended after five innings and we won 18-6. I played shortstop most of the game and I had a few hits.

Game #2 was Modin vs. Chashmonayim. I don`t really know what happened in the game because their was too much scoring.But we won 21 to 19(with 40 runs all together). I played short and second. I had a few hits in each game and had lots of fun. Now we have a break until the regular se
The pictures were taken in our house after the game.

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