Gefilta Fish

Growing up in my house there were two types of fish we ate. Tuna fish and Gefilta fish. Every other type of fish was off limits because my father didn't like it so my mother never made it. It seems that way with a lot of foods. I never had asparagus growing up so I won't even try it as an adult. Once my sister-in-law spent a fortune on sushi and she and David ended up eating the whole tray while Zale and I wouldn't go near it. I couldn't even eat the soup from the same restaurant. Anyway, back to the fish. My grandmother used to make us gefilta fish from scratch. There was never a recipe she followed. It was always a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I cook the same way now. Although she was known to make a delicious gefilta fish, I was never such a fish fan (even though it was just two types - and yes I know gefilta fish isn't really a type of fish). For some reason though, shabbos lunch isn't the same without serving gefilta fish. This shabbos when I realized that my one loaf of fish wouldn't feed our lunch crowd, I knew I had to do something. I called on my friend Elie (female) to go to Kiryat Sefer with me to pick up some more loaves. In the pouring rain, we ventured out to Kiryat Sefer. When we arrived to the super market, Shefa Shuk, we had a choice of a few different loaves. The American Meal Mart loaf was 40 NIS (about $10) - way too much money. Then there were two other brands. I opted for the cheapest one 20 NIS ($5) which came in two different types - Polish or Hungarian. You can imagine my dilemma. All four of my grandparents were Polish, my mother (born in Canada) still think she comes from Poland and I heard Hungarian (not so nice) comments my whole life. But on the other hand, I once bought one of each and the Hungarian was actually better - (I'm so sorry my Polish relatives). So given that I opted for the cheapest gefilta fish that was bound to taste like rubber, I decided to go with Hungarian (again I'm really sorry my Polish relatives). Of course, I'm probably not going to even try it because it looks and smells too fishy to me.h

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