The world is a toilet

My sister is fond of telling her sons that the world is their toilet and they can pish wherever they want. Today, we met Ethel and her two little kids at Shvil Hatapuzim. There are tons of orange trees there (hence the name) and next to one of them which is about 5 feet from the bathrooms was the sign above (Kan Lo sheirutim - Here is not a bathroom). Ethel was very excited as I think that this really proves what she said. Basically the sign was saying the entire world is your toilet except trees that are 5 feet from bathrooms. Fair enough.

We had a great time at the park. Below are some pictures of the kids having a great time. Actually, we didn't get a picture of the thing that they enjoyed the most but these are some of the other fun things.

Unfortunately we took highway 2 instead of 6 to come home and we hit tons of traffic. Zvi had to pish really badly and he couldn't hold it in anymore so we pulled over to the side of the road, as many other cars had done, for him since almost the entire world is his toilet.

When we got home we lit candles for the last time this year and then we had a game of dreidel which Leora and Rivka won.

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