Bat Ayin Cont.

Shira did a good job summarizing the trip but I'll provide the details that she promised. The initial email that we got said that we'd be "picking the last of the seasons olives and making our own olive oil, milking goats, wine tasting and much much more." It also said that the cost of the trip was 25 shekel per person for the bus.

It was cool going to Gush Etzion for the first time since I was in Yeshiva there almost 15 years ago. The first thing we noticed when we got off the bus was the difference in temperature - it must have been 20 degrees cooler there than it was in Modiin when we left. Then we got to see what I'd call a typical Bat Ayin house. I've never seen any other houses there but I just imagine that this was typical. Then we saw them grind flour, visited a wine press (and tasted wine), saw an olive oil factory and went home. It also turned out the trip cost 100 extra shekel because we had to pay for our tour guide also. So we got to do half of what we thought for twice the price. It actually was pretty interesting for Shira and me but the kids didn't enjoy it too much. We were lucky that Rivka wasn't with us and that Zvi brought a football so he played with me when he got bored.

Here is a picture of a bunch of the people inside the house in Bat Ayin and a picture of our tour guide with his wife in their house.

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