Merry Tuesday

It's great being in Israel during this season. No decorations, lights, trees. I thought we might see a little bit of it in Eilat but I didn't see a thing. We actually saw quite a few Muslims there who were apparently there celebrating Eid ul-Adha but it's still a Jewish city. I commented to Shira that many things about Eilat reminded me of Las Vegas and a quick Google search indicates that they both have often been referred to as Sin City. It's still a Jewish Sin City though. Anyway... about our day.

We woke up early as we always do in the Greenstone family but had no idea what we were going to do. We went to another Isrotel to discuss our options and after considering many different things we decided on jeep rides and the Underwater Observatory. Shira went to exercise at the hotel across the street and I took the kids into the pool outside our room. It was still pretty cold in the morning but the kids had a great time. After swimming we rushed back across the street to get in our jeep.

The jeep ride was really bumpy but was a lot of fun and educational. There were four jeeps that went through the mountains together and it was our family and an Israeli couple in our jeep. I sat in the way back with the three older kids and Shira sat in the middle next to Yeshaya who managed to sleep through most of it in a car seat.

Then we went to the Underwater Observatory. This was really great. We've been to at least two other aquariums with the kids and neither one even comes close to comparing to this one. The fish were really nice and there was just much more to see and do. We had reserved seats on the boat at 1:55 but the jeep rides took a little longer than expected so we came a minute late and we missed it. Luckily they didn't give us any trouble going on the next boat. I was a little nervous because I had been under the impression that we went on a submarine but the kids (and I) were disappointed when it turned out that there was no submarine. The semi-submarine though turned out to be very good also and it's basically the same thing since we're underwater the whole time. We also saw all the other cool things there were.

By the time we finished it was time for dinner. We were all starving since we didn't eat that much for breakfast or lunch. We had heard that there were two glatt kosher restaurants in Eilat - Halleluiah and Shauli and Guy. We had heard the latter was better so even though we knew where the other one was we tried looking for it. We put into our GPS and it took us out to a restaurant with a different name. We asked someone standing outside and he told us that there used to be two but now there was only one and it was a couple miles away (right near our hotel). We drove there only to discover that it too had closed down. There was a sign in Hebrew on the door with a phone number so we called the number and asked if there were any other mehadrin fleishig restaurants. He said the only one was Halleluiah. So after wasting a half hour we were finally in our restaurant. The food was pretty good. After dinner we were again all exhausted so we went back, watched some videos and went to sleep.

To be continued ...


shtumpik said...

We went on one of those semi-submarines in the bahamas. It was nice, but bery claustrophobic. Rikki was naseous the whole time. Of course she was pregnant with CD at the time so that didn't help.

Rivka said...
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