Close call to end an exciting week

Last week was a crazy week with all our travels. On Sunday, we went to Zichron Yaakov to see Shira's brother's new baby girl, Mia Leora. Then we were in Eilat on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Then Shira and I went to Yerushalayim on Thursday morning. So I think we could be partially excused for leaving a little late for our trip to Zichron Yaakov for Shabbos. It usually takes us about an hour and a quarter to get there and we left two hours before shkia. We were zipping along on kvish shesh until all of a sudden the traffic just stopped. I don't mean slowed to a crawl but completely stopped. We could tell that we were close to the front because we could already see a crowd of at least 30 people standing ahead. There were more people running past our car and lots of people getting out of the cars and slowly walking forward. We assumed there must have been a major accident and that we had to wait for the police and tow trucks to come. Finally, after waiting for more than a half hour, traffic started moving again. It turns out to have been a chaifetz chashud (suspected object). We didn't pass any police or official looking cars so I guess who ever took care of it just did it and kept going. Thank God, it turned out to be nothing and we made it to Zichron three minutes after candle lighting time.

We had a really nice Shabbos at the Hagege's (my sister) house and walked over to Danny's (Shira's brother) house on Shabbos afternoon. There was a women's only party to celebrate the new baby at 9 PM on Motzei Shabbos at Danny's house. Shira had assumed that the party was earlier so our plan was that she'd go to the party for a little and then we'd come home. Once we found out the party was so late we had to come up with an alternate plan. We decided to sleep there and leave early this morning. We got up at 5:40 this morning to come home and we were on the road by 6 and home by 7:15. It again came in handy that our kids get up so early since Rivka and Zvi were already awake when we got out of bed. Getting ready for school was a little hectic but the kids all got it done.

Last week was a lot of fun but I'm happy to start a nice quiet week now.

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