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Leora has been having teeth issues lately. At her last dentist visit in Baltimore, Dr. Weintraub noticed that her front bottom tooth was little loose. He took x-rays to rule out an infection. However, last week Leora started complaining about a tooth ache. I checked her mouth and found that the loose tooth was looking a little brown. I quickly called my dentist brother Danny, and he said that I should keep an eye on it and looked for swelling. The next time I looked I noticed a canker sore and attributed the pain to that instead of the actual tooth. But Leora kept complaining so I looked again and sure enough there was a lot of swelling behind the tooth. I called Danny again (as well as the times in the middle to update him ie: canker sore etc.) and he said that I should try and get her on antibiotics so that he could pull the tooth if need be. We didn't have any luck finding someone to write us a prescription and since Danny was coming for a Chanuka party that night, we waited for him. He prescribed a 7 day course of antibiotics but the pharmacist who "knew better" only gave us for five. BTW to all the people in the US, the prescription was really cheap. Leora started on the antibiotics and they seemed to be working but then all of a sudden the swelling got much worse and her teeth started shifting. Again a call to Danny who said that we should try to drain the infection if we could with a little pin prick. Luckily it drained itself. Today (a week after the start of the antibiotics) Danny stopped by on his way to J"M and pulled Leora's tooth. He froze it with a topical anesthetic but because of the infection Leora was still able to feel the pain. She was really brave though and was so excited to be missing a tooth. She even wrote a letter to the tooth fairy, in English of course.

Thanks Dan (if you read our blog)!

Just a quick note about our past shabbos. We were home Friday night and my brother Eli joined us for shabbos. We had a nice time. For lunch we ate at the Rabbi of our shul Rav and Tali Sobel. Although they are vegan during the week, they have chicken and meat on shabbos. There was tons to eat and we enjoyed the challenge of having a meal in hebrew. They are very special people.

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Anonymous said...

Very brave Leora! We miss you Greenstones,
Dr. Josh Weintraub

(one of my patients told me about the blog!)