I was in Zichron Yaakov last week. Tuesday night my father drove me to Zichron and then I went to the Festigal in Haifa with my cousin Maya. The Festigal is where some people go on stage and sing and dance. It was a lot of fun. Wednesday morning I went to school with Maya. When we got home we had lunch. After Ethel came home Maya went to gymastics and I watched a movie ( Ice Princess) When Ethel got back we went to pick up Maya and her friends up from gymastics and then went to get candy and go swimming. After we were done swimming we went and rented a movie. When we got home we lit the menora and then watched another movie.

On Thursday, Maya and I went to work with Ethel at Microsoft. When we got there we ate breakfast and played on the computer. After that, we went downstairs and colored in the playroom. Then Ethel drove us to a mall and we stayed there by ourselves. At the mall, we found matching shirts. At Toys-R-Us I bought a magic box and Maya bought art stuff. We watched a movie that night. On Friday morning we went to a grocery store and in the afternoon we went to a book store and shoe store. There was no hot water in the house so we went to the pool to take showers for Shabbat.

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It sounds like the cousins had a good time!