BubbieSitting and Chanuka parties

With my parents in Memphis, we volunteered to spend Shabbos with my grandmother. We slept at my parents apartment and my grandmother and her metapelet, Marice, joined us for the meals. Rivka and Yehoshua (Amy's two oldest kids) stayed with us also but our Rivka was in Zichron. I actually got a Shabbos nap for the first time in a little while and we had a relaxing Shabbos.

On Motzei Shabbos, we had part I of our Chanuka party. Ethel and family came from Zichron with Rivka and Shira's cousins Rena and Yonasan came from Yerushalayim. We all enjoyed pizza and bagels and had a nice time. Bubbie was happy to have so many people visiting her and she had a treat for everyone.

On Sunday, the kids wanted to go bowling but it was a long wait just to get a lane so we decided to leave and spend the money on gifts. Rivka and Zvi wanted to share a magic set and Leora and Yeshaya wanted to get a Dora game. Then came part II of the Chanuka party. Danny and family came from Zichron, Malki, Shira's cousin, came from Rechovot and Eli came from Yerushalayim. We had a great time and now Talya and Ayala are staying with us for a couple days.

Upper left: Ethel, Sivan, Bubbie, Leora, David. Upper right: Eitan and Bubbie. Lower left: Malkie and Zvi. Lower right: Talya, Leora, Yeshaya and Ayala.

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