Goodbye Free Time

I am sad to say that a chapter in my life in Israel has come to an end. As of today I will no longer have my afternoons free. You may wonder why. The answer is quite simple. LEORA. Leora is going to be switching ganim right after Chanuka vacation (wish us luck because we need it) and she will be getting out of school at 1:20pm. In her current gan she stayed for an afternoon program (tzaharon) but we decided to stop it before the actual switch since today was the start of a new billing cycle. We wanted to make it simple and not leave any room for a billing "mistake". I will now have to entertain Leora with our very limited toy selection. I guess I'll take my neighbor Miriam up on her offer to borrow toys.

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Yoel Farkas said...

Shira, you may or not remember me from the bnei torah days, but i thought i would say hi. I had dinner with your mom this past shabbos at my parents, and she referred me to this blog - it's great - I actually started from the beginning and am collecting some good tips - with Hashem's help my wife and I are trying to get there as soon as we can - we were hoping by this summer but it may wait another year. Interestingly, we are also considering Modiin. Anyway, keep up the good work, bhatzlacha!

Yoel Farkas