Timna Park - last day of Eilat vacation

We woke up on Wednesday morning not knowing what we were going to do that day. Again, we were all up early and all we had to do was figure out what the best activity for us was. Our goal was to be on the road heading home by 2 PM to avoid driving in the mountains in the dark. The kids wanted to go camel riding but there were no camels available in the morning at the numbers the hotel called for us. Danny had recommended that we go to Timna Park. The hotel arranged for us to meet up with a tour that was already there. It was a great day and ending to our trip. We were there for about four hours and we left at almost exactly 2 PM. The drive back was good except that we had bought a bottle of Pepsi in the morning for the kids and they were all hyper for the drive back. The good news is that they were hyper together and really got along nicely. We don't really have any great stories from Timna Park but here are some pictures.

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