Back to school

All the kids were in school/gan this morning. Rivka and Zvi went on the bus and they gave us no trouble this morning getting ready. Rivka and Zvi have been going to a Hebrew tutor three days a week after school but Zvi decided that he didn't want to go anymore. So Rivka went by herself today. Her Hebrew is really improving and she's going to be fluent very soon. Maybe Zvi will join again also.

Shira took Yeshaya to his playgroup and he didn't cry at all once there. He's been doing really well. I took Leora to her new gan today. She was clearly excited but also very nervous. We got there a little after gan started so the ganenet would have time to prepare. She met us at the door and gave Leora a warm welcome. I had warned her that she had to speak to Leora in English so she did and Leora was relieved. The girls all came running to greet her also but they all only speak Hebrew. They had even made a little welcome present for her. I showed her around the gan and the girls were following us offering to show her how things worked. Then she sat to color but insisted I stay. Then she asked me to read her book so I asked the ganenet to do that instead. She agreed and told me that I could leave. I warned her that Leora would yell and scream. The good news is that she can't run out to the gate because this gan is in a big school building. The assistant locked the gan door as I left and Leora screamed but the ganenet grabbed her. She called me less than 10 minutes later to tell me that Leora had already calmed down. Leora came home from gan in a very good mood (although she usually came home from the other gan in a good mood also). She told me that tomorrow she's going to try not to cry at all. That would be awesome.

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