Combined Blogging

Hi all. This is Shira and Zvi blogging together. This morning we surprised Rivka and Zvi with a half day off of school. I told them that they had to pretend that they were going so that Leora would not find out. So they got dressed in their school uniforms (T-shirts with school logo) and packed up their backpacks. I went to the gym for a quick workout and returned on time for a quick shower before we were off. We dropped Leora off at Gan. It wasn't such a great morning for her but I left her there screaming after 10 minutes. I called later and she had calmed down and was in a good mood. Zvi and Rivka were so lucky because they got to accompany David, Yeshaya and me to Ramle to renew our Visas. Although we had been to this office, we got lost nonetheless. After what was supposed to take 20 minutes but took us 45 we arrived in Ramle. We got our number and discovered that they were up to 24 while we had 41. Each person takes at least 15 minutes. After waiting a while I convinced David to go back home with the kids and I would take a bus home. I was done by 11:45 and caught the 12 pm bus back to Modiin. The visa process was uneventful although this visit would not have been necessary if we were dealing with rational people. I presented the same letter that we had last time. Although it was not sufficient last time, the same lady now said it was perfect - go figure.

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