Not getting yelled at

I have this irrational fear of people screaming at me. I'm not sure why but I just hate it when people yell at me. The problem is that in Israel the combination of the way people talk and the fact that it's a somewhat foreign language makes it sound like many people are yelling at me. I don't do very well with that. I'm happy to report that Shira and I went to change the arnona (property tax) and water to our names and we made it through the entire process without even the feeling that anyone was yelling at us. We didn't exactly accomplish what we needed to but at least nobody yelled at me.

Apparently I've passed this trait on to at least one of my children as well. Yesterday Zvi's class was going on a tiyul to go horseback riding. He should be thrilled, right? No class all day, no homework, just lots of fun. He insisted that he didn't want to go to school. He said that the whole point of school is to learn and they weren't learning anything so he should be able to stay home if he chose to do so. He claimed that this proved that the only reason we force him to go to school is because we want him out of the house so we could have fun. After much discussion we found out that one of the main reasons he didn't want to go was because he was afraid someone would tell him instructions of how to sit on the horse or whatever and he wouldn't understand and then they'd start yelling at him. He finally agreed to go when we gave him a cellphone so he could call us if there were any problems but he still didn't go horseback riding. He just watched as the rest of his class had fun.

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