On A More Positive Note

I did not get to blog yesterday as I was busy and stressed out. However, today things are going a little better. We had an early start and headed to Ramleh to change our status here and get David a B1 visa. Simple enough, not really. What was meant to take 20 minutes took us over an hour. I pride myself on being a good navigator and don't usually get lost. We were merrily on our way following the Israel's equivalent of mapquest. One tiny wrong move and we're on our way to Tel Aviv stuck in major "pa-cuck". We finally find our way and are very excited. We get there get our number and sit and wait and wait and wait. Finally, it's our turn. The lady in charge starts off being very mean, but after a second, her tone changes and she is really nice and helpful. I think that we just need to get used to the Israeli way. Basically, you ask for something, the answer is NO, you ask again and the answer is YES. Pretty strange, but it seems to be the way. We are now armed with David's work visa and have to return to link our passport to his. We need to prove that we are Jewish. Ketubah and bris not good enough. Hopefully that shouldn't be too difficult - yeah right!

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