We're slowly learning Hebrew

Today Leora was in the bath and I asked her "aifo h'einayim shelach?" and she knew that and many other body parts. She also comes home with phrases and words. She's really picking it up. Shira and I try to throw a little Hebrew into our conversations with Yeshaya and it's always funny when he repeats the words. Zvi and Rivka are definitely learning lots of new Hebrew. The only problem is that it's not fast enough for them. They want to go to school and understand everything their teachers and friends say and they're not quite there yet. We've been talking to people and we're trying to arrange tutors for them and soon their Hebrew will be better than ours.

I was just on a conference call in my office and I could hear bits of a conversations Shira was having on the phone. She was on for a half hour talking only in Hebrew to Zvi's teacher. I was very impressed. I think that even my Hebrew is improving a little. I was afraid that I wouldn't have the opportunity to talk Hebrew while I was here since all my friends are American and most of the time I'm working. I was wrong though because there have been plenty of opportunities to speak Hebrew and I've learned quite a bit of new words and phrases. Yesterday someone told me that I don't even sound American when I speak Hebrew ... I sound British?!?


Shira said...

He thought you were British because he was Russian. What does he know from accents?

Anonymous said...
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