No breaks today

Thank God we had a nice restful Shabbos because today is anything but relaxing. Leora absolutely hates/is terrified of gan in the morning. Neither teacher knows English and Leora is completely intimidated and cries and screams the entire time. She agreed to go in the afternoon without complaining since one of the teachers speaks to her English. We'll see what happens with that but the "afternoon" only starts at 1:20 so she and Yeshaya are home until then. Rivka and Zvi sit in school all day not understanding what's going on so I agreed to pick them up around 1:30 to try and make the day a little shorter and more bearable. With that deal they agreed to go to school. Shira went to Yad Sarah in Yerushalayim with my mother to offer her OT expertise so my mother could get some things for my grandmother's apartment. She was going to take Yeshaya but he fell asleep on the ride to the bus and I figured it was easier to have him sleeping at home then for her to take him on the bus so she went by herself. She won't be gone long anyway. Leora's been very good this morning and I suspect the big kids will be good in the afternoon so I can get some work done.

UPDATE at 7PM: It turns out that the teacher who speaks English at Leora's gan no longer works there. So I brought Leora and there were only Hebrew speaking teachers. Leora was not too pleased and was crying and refusing to stay. One of the teachers offered to hold her while I ran out and I left. I think she was pretty good after that. That caused me to come a little later than expected to pick up the other kids from their school. They were still happy to see me and came with me in a good mood. We went straight to my parents since Shira's bus was going to come a half later or so. We did their homework there and they were good. Then we hung out there and at my grandmother's before it was time to get Leora. Everyone had a great time riding bikes outside with friends until it was time for dinner, showers and bed. Now we're trying to convince Leora to go tomorrow morning and the others to stay in school all day. We'll see how it goes.

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