Still getting into the swing of things

The kids are really having a hard time adjusting to school. Rivka and Zvi have been pretty good (it's all relative) in the mornings going. We told them that if they're good then we will take them each out for one afternoon a week. School is just really frustrating for them because they sit there all day without understanding a word that is going on in class. They're bored and then they come home and they have to do homework which really means learning everything that they missed in school. It's just really hard. Tomorrow morning I'm going to drive them to school and meet with the principal to see if we can help improve the situation so they're not so miserable.

Leora has been impossible going to gan. Yesterday Shira took her to gan and it took her 45 minutes and she left her screaming at the gate. Today, Leora grabbed onto my legs and wouldn't let me leave. She screamed and screamed until finally I got her to stay (not my best moment in parenting). She continues to insist that she's not going to gan and I don't expect tomorrow to be any easier than today. The good news for me is that Shira is taking her tomorrow since I'll be with the big kids at school.

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